Driven by
passion for a healthier world

We believe that health comes first and our actions speak that.

About Us

PIR Brand is one of the flagship brands of Gulati Oils (India) Pvt. Limited. The company, established under the aegis of Late Sh. Wazir Chand Gulati in 1988, has been manufacturing and marketing natural mustard oil and oil cake for the past three decades across the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Over the years, PIR has gained immense popularity and has strengthened its stand as the market leader, consistently delivering high quality products and exponentially expanding its customer base.

The company believes in evolving with the times. In tune with this belief, it employs state-of-the-art cold pressed technology to produce high quality 100% natural mustard oil without the use of chemicals, synthetic flavours and artificial colours. The products are AGMARK certified while the manufacturing facility is ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP certified.

Our Mission

'Eating healthy is key to living healthy' is our motto.

In a day and age when erratic and stressful lifestyles reign supreme, eating healthy is essential. At Gulati Oils, our mission is to be an agent of change.We aim to eradicate food adulteration by increasing accessibility of high quality food products in the market.

Our Vision

Having assumed the position of the market leader in the mustard oil manufacturing sector in Jammu & Kashmir, we now wish to foray into other states.

We envision people across India enjoying the benefits of our healthy and natural mustard oil and oil cakes. Given our mission of propagating healthy eating, we also aspire to diversify into the manufacturing of other superior quality grocery and staple food products. We hope to grow in the food processing industry in leaps and bounds and eventually be the market leader in this sector.

Other Business

Gulati Metal & Alloys

Gulati Metal & Alloys is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified unit for the manufacturing of aluminium wire rod, aluminium conductors (AAC, AAAC,
ACSR), aerial bunch cables, PVC, XLPE, FRLS and HDPE insulated heavy duty cables (armoured/unarmoured) in the state of Jammu and
Kashmir, India. The plant is located at SIDCO Industrial Complex in Jammu and is one of the most modern and automatic facilities with an
installed manufacturing capacity 13000MT.