PIR Mustard Oil Cake

PIR Mustard Oil Cake is one of the by-products of mustard oil and is widely used as cattle feed, soil conditioner and in the solvent extraction of mustard oil.

PIR mustard oil cake is a by-product of mustard oil and is usually used as cattle feed, soil conditioner and in the solvent extraction of mustard oil. Being a leading mustard cake manufacturer from Jammu and Kashmir, for PIR maintaining each product quality is paramount even for by-products generated at our manufacturing plant.

PIR Mustard Cake for Soil

The use of mustard cake soil conditioner is proven to be highly effective in combating many soil ruinous diseases. For example, fusarium solani is a plant pathogen which causes root rot and vascular wilt in squash family which causes massive crop losses. When applied, PIR mustard cake for Soil helps to overcome this disease. Similarly, mustard cake is more effective in reducing plant root infections and seedling mortality than the chemical soil conditioner.

PIR Mustard Cake for Cattle

PIR Mustard Oil Cake contains the right amount of fat which is a good source of linoleic acid, an essential nutrient for animal metabolic processes. Being the prime Mustard Oil Cake Suppliers in Jammu we process our product under the strict control of our highly trained experienced team, we possess a perfect blend of technology and nutritious produce which is free of impurities giving the best outcome for your cattle's health.

With nutrition, PIR Mustard Oil Cake also helps in better productivity such as maximizing milk yields

  • Acts as soil conditioner
  • Fights Fungal diseases
  • Promotes higher output and fat content in milk yield

Nutrition Facts*

  • Dry Matter91.01
  • Crude Protein35.71
  • Crude Fiber6.45
  • Ether Extract10.03
  • Total Ash5.57
  • Acid Insoluble Ash0.60
  • Urease ActivityAbsent

*Subject to natural variations